Baby’s first REI deal; sleeping bag for tots lands in 60 stores

Tavis Malcolm will start selling his baby sleeping bags at multiple REI stores. (Courtesy Morrison Outdoors)

So much for baby steps.

Morrison Outdoors, four months removed from a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for a sleeping bag for infants and toddlers, landed an order from REI to stock 60 stores with its diminutive sleeping sack.

Founder Tavis Malcolm, 33, said he will sell his 20-degree down bags for $160. And he’s added a second product: a 40-degree synthetic bag for $85.

Malcolm told BusinessDen in February that he was sewing prototypes at home in Englewood on a sewing machine.

“Thankfully, we’re no longer slaving away on the old Singer,” he said recently, adding that he traveled to China to find a factory that could crank out his order of 2,400 sleeping bags – some for REI, some for the Kickstarter orders and some for his website.

Tavis Malcolm and his family. (Submitted)

Malcolm said he’s the only full-time employee, and that the business will be profitable in the fall.

He said he’s applied for a patent.

Malcolm previously told BusinessDen that the options for camping with a baby are inadequate.

For parents with newborns looking to camp outdoors, Malcolm said one option is to put the baby in the parents’ sleeping bag, which he said can endanger the baby through overheating or suffocation. The other option is to layer the baby up in layers of pajamas, snow suits and blankets.

“You can imagine sleeping in eight layers of clothes,” he told BusinessDen. “It doesn’t regulate. If you need to change them, that’s a huge pain to dig through all these layers.”

Malcolm said he has a few other ideas up his sleeve, including sleeping pads and other items for parents who backpack.

“There aren’t a lot of things for them now,” he said.

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