Cannabis tour company gives pairing classes a sushi spin

Ryan Manners demonstrates packing methods during a sushi and joint rolling class.
Patrick Bailey teaches sushi rolling techniques at the My 420 Tours headquarters.
Participants smoke on a bus after learning how to roll joints.

Not to be outdone by ubiquitous wine and painting venues, the marijuana industry has been firing up pairing classes of its own. My 420 Tours started offering Sushi and Joint Rolling sessions 18 months ago, following the success of its cannabis cooking class.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, groups can learn how to roll a joint with Ryan Manners. Due to indoor smoking laws, they roll inside and smoke in a bus outside the building. Chef Patrick Bailey then teaches the class how make sushi rolls.

The class is held at My 420’s headquarters in the Clayton neighborhood.

My 420 offers the sessions for $80 per person, and the class is capped at 28 people. In 2017, it had a 51 percent occupancy rate.

The company started offering vacation packages in 2013. Since then, it has grown to offer marijuana-friendly hotel bookings, grow tours, classes and cannabis massages. A representative from My 420 said 90 percent of its business comes from out-of-state visitors, and 7.5 percent come from Colorado.

Colorado Cannabis Tours also offers a basic marijuana cooking class, as well as Puff, Pass and Paint, a pairing class trying to capitalize on the similar wine and paint concept.

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